Couponing  FAQ:



How much money can I save by using coupons?

You can save as much as you want to.  I try to save at least 50% off my grocery bill each month,  and am continually trying to save more.




How do I get started?

Review the coupon match-ups for your store; if you’re just getting started you may not have some of the coupons yet. Don’t worry you will still need to get an idea of what’s on sale, or what deals you can get for that store.

You’ll want to buy the Sunday paper and save the entire coupon insert out of the paper (I buy the bigger city papers like Kansas City or St. Louis). Write the date on the front of each coupon insert, store your coupon inserts in a small box (shoe box will work) laying them flat in order by date. You can cut out any coupons you need and file them in a small organizer.

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